"At the University of North Texas, our caring and creative community empowers our students to thrive in a rapidly changing world."

— UNT Mission Statement

Caring is an integral part of the UNT mission statement because it's one of the most important things we do as an institution. We show #UNTcares through the personal investment made by faculty and staff in the success of each student as well as the broader UNT and Denton communities.

MARTIAL Eagles Program is Focused on Helping Students Succeed

The latest data shows African American men are the least likely to enroll in or graduate from a 2- or 4-year college. Harold Woodard and Candi Harris are working to change this statistic through the UNT MARTIAL Eagles. The Male Alliance for a Rigorous, Transformative and Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning (MARTIAL) program brings together young men with a common interest in music and the Black male experience to live, learn and lead as a team.

Mean Green Gowns for Grads Program Helps Students Celebrate Their Accomplishments

The Mean Green Gowns for Grads program launched in the Fall of 2018 after Dean of Students staff members were made aware of several graduates who didn’t get to walk the stage the previous spring because they couldn’t afford the cost of a cap and gown, like single mother Linda Farrell (below).

“This program helps students who are historically underrepresented; low-income, DACA, first-generation college students who can’t afford the cap and gown,” says Dean of Students/Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Moe McGuinness. “We know these students have had to overcome many obstacles to stay in school and graduate – they’re so resilient. UNT prides itself on being a community that cares for all of our students. This is just one way to show that we care about them all the way through graduation and beyond.”

Linda Farrell with her daughters

Starting Strong: Associate Dean Helps Students Find Their Way

Associate Dean Steve Cobb shows how #UNTcares with his 24-year tradition! At the beginning of each semester, Cobb greets students between the General Academic Building and the Language Building, helping students find their way to class.

“There is nothing worse than being late on your first day of class and getting off to a bad start,” Cobb says. “I am just there to offer some reassurance.”

Steve Cobb greets students
Diamond Eagles Society contributes to student assistance programs
Great Grads: Spring 2019
Mental Health Resources
Academic Success Center
More Resources for Students
“Having the professor know my name and see my face in a large class helped me when I turned in an assignment incorrectly and almost got a zero. Luckily the professor knew the type of student I was and granted me time to correct my error because of the reputation I built.”

— Akayla

“College isn’t just about learning inside of the classroom, it’s also a time to learn about yourself! Joining an organization can be like joining a home away from home to help ease the transition into college.”

— Jonathan