Learning to operate in a new and unfamiliar environment is challenging, especially if you don't know who to ask or where to go for help. Here are campus resources that will help you make a smooth transition to life as a UNT student.



Career Prep

Ready to get a jump start on your career?

Are you uncertain about your career path or how to connect with opportunities? The Career Center can help. Our services and programs will put you on track for career success. From resume tips and mock interviews to career fairs to internships and job postings, we can help prepare you for your future career.

Health and safety


Was it last night's all-night study session that has you feeling lousy or is it the flu? Get checked out at the Student Health and Wellness Center before you start feeling worse. If you're feeling good and working to stay healthy, the center is committed to helping you reach that goal. Medical visits are by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment, call 940-565-2333. A student ID card is required at check-in. The center takes credit cards, check or cash for payment, though consultations with general practitioners are covered by the Medical Services Fee. The Student Health and Wellness Center ONLY files medical insurance claims for the university endorsed student insurance policy underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources.

The Student Health and Wellness Center is located on the second floor of Chestnut Hall. Other health services available in Chestnut Hall include health education office in Suite 301, College Optical Express in Suite 101 and the Campus Smiles dental office in Suite 154.

The Substance Abuse Resource Center helps students with existing issues regarding drug and alcohol use also works to create a safer campus atmosphere. The center is on the third floor of Chestnut Hall, Suite 301. Call 940-565-2787 to schedule an appointment. No referral is required.

In addition, the Collegiate Recovery Program in Chilton Hall provides support and a variety of services for students who are in recovery.

Feeling depressed or stressed out?

College life can be overwhelming at times, but you can get free emotional support and counseling services at the Counseling Center to help you get through those difficult times. Counselors at the center are specially trained to help college students:

  • adjust to college life
  • cope with stress
  • deal with relationship problems
  • chose a career
  • overcome critical situations when you may have thoughts of harming yourself or others

The Counseling Center is part of Counseling and Testing Services, in Suite 311, Chestnut Hall. Summer hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. until, Aug. 24. Fall hours are Monday and Tuesday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. and Wednesday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Need emergency help?

UNT student chatting with a UNT Policeman

In an emergency situation, your first call should be 911. A dispatcher will send emergency personnel, and if the incident is happening on the UNT campus, that probably will include officers from the UNT Police Department, in the Sullivant Public Safety Center,  department also can assist you in cases of property theft or destruction and other crime investigation, if the incident took place on the UNT campus.

For incidents that happen in Denton beyond the UNT campus boundaries, contact the Denton Police Department.

For incidents that happen beyond the Denton city limits but within Denton County, contact the Denton County Sheriff's Department.

What if the university closes for bad weather?

Eagle Alert is UNT's emergency notification system to quickly give you critical information in an emergency. The system allows administrators and emergency preparedness staff to quickly notify the campus community about weather alerts, campus closings due to weather or public safety emergencies. If there is an emergency, you will receive an automated call or text to the preferred phone number you provide at my.unt.eduBe sure your contact information is up to date by going to my.unt.eduLog in using your EUID and password, go to "Update Eagle Alert" and follow the instructions.

In addition to sending Eagle Alert messages, the university will notify the campus telephone operators, post information on the UNT website and the UNT Facebook page and begin informing news media about closures. You also can follow @UNTEagleAlert on Twitter for real-time updates in an emergency.

Need legal help?

If you are facing a legal problem, Student Legal Services may be able to help you with many types of cases. Staff members may write letters, draft legal documents, represent students, arrange for mediation or otherwise attempt to resolve legal problems. While general legal advice may be available, Student Legal Services does not represent students in criminal matters (including traffic tickets). Student Legal Services is located in the University Union, Room 411.