Step 2: Enhance

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Expand your skills and experience in fields you would like to work. Refine specific skillsets through training, mentorships, internships etc. to broaden your job search net.

Enhance Skills: You already acquired many skills employers are seeking through your course work and previous jobs. Honing the job market demands will make you a top candidate. The resources below provide opportunities to add to your resume.

  • Learn relevant skills for in-demand jobs – Start developing your skills for free with learning paths from LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn, then practice skills in the GitHub Learning Lab.
  • Participate in the Take Flight Job Shadowing Program – Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in a specific role or with a specific company? Job shadowing a career professional is one way to get a first-hand look by spending a full- or half-day shadowing a professional.
  • Get trained on job-essential scientific instruments – UNT's new FLIGHT (Facilitated Learning of Instrumentation - Guided Hands-On Training) program provides STEM majors an opportunity to take 2-4 week training courses on state-of-the-art instruments that are essential in fields such as forensic science, chemistry, biomedicine, engineering and more. Those who complete the FLIGHT program receive a digital microcredential. 
  • Complete micro-internships – The UNT Career Center offers alternatives to traditional internships through Forage and Parker Dewey, as detailed in this video.
    • Forage – A self-paced virtual experience where you work through business cases developed by leading organizations and gain sought-after skills. You will receive evaluation and feedback from the organization to help your skills grow stronger.
    • Parker Dewey – These paid, virtual micro-internships allow you to complete assignments for companies, while also demonstrating to employers the skills and abilities you possess.

Professional Connections: It’s also important to connect with professionals. You can sign up for a mentor through the Mean Green Mentors program and connect with UNT alumni who are doing work that interests you or graduated with a similar degree. Ask your mentor for job search advice, for insight on their career, what skills are necessary for success in the field, what they would have done differently and anything else that will help you get hired.